Firearm Transfers:

 !!! Online Firearm Transfer Request Form at the bottom of this page !!!

Transfer Fees:
New Client $30 per single item transfer
Returning Clients $25 per single item transfer
Law Enforcement/Active Military/First Responders $10 per item
* Prices are subject to change, however, the changes will be reflected on this website prior to them taking effect.
* Picking up more than one item at the same time, second item $15, all additional items $10 each.
* Cash/checks are prefered, there is $2 processing fee if you are using credit card.

 Note: Pick up by appointment only. We are available for pick up most evenings (usually 6 to 9pm) and through weekend. Daytime or morning appointments during regular work week are subject to our availability and have to be scheduled further in advance.

Firearms Transfer Overview: Federal regulations require all out of state firearms sales to be conducted through licensed gun dealers. Firearm has to be shipped to a verified FFL location where the dealer will verify identity of the buyer (transferee), process necessary paperwork (ATF Form 4473), conduct background check and hand over the firearm if the buyer is eligible. This process is commonly called a "firearm transfer" or simply "transfer".

If you decide to use our transfer services, the process involves three steps:

1) Place order with your favorite gun shop or with an individual. Take a notice of any sale confirmations or receipts that they may provide. Seller, usually, will provide an email address or a fax number where to send the FFL copy.
2) Fill out Tranfer Request Form below. If you are a new customer, or have not done transsfers with us in the last two years, it is desirable that you take a picture of your FOID card and email it to us. Also, please let us know if you are not a US citizen, we may request additional information.
3) Once your package arrives, and the mandatory waiting period is over (notes below), setup an appointment for paperwork and pickup. Please note, while our process intends to complete most transfers in one visit, that may not always be possible. We cannot start background check until you complete appropreate paperwork, and approximately one third of background checks go through "delayed" process where results are not returned to us right away. In this case, the background check may take up to three days, but usually complets within a day. We cannot predict if the background check will go through "delayed" process, but if it does, we will have to setup second appointment to complete the transaction. Please understand that this is not within our control and let us know if you would like to complete paperwork in advance of gun's arrival.

FFL License Copy: Upon request (included in Transfer Request form below) we will provide a copy of Bargain Arms FFL license. Signed copy of FFL licensse is usually e-mailed or faxed directly to the seller or to an FFL dealer that handles transaction for the seller.
If the seller is not a licensed dealer and ships directly without the help of an FFL, which is technically legal, we would require a copy of their driver license or other valid photo ID with their name and address before we provide the FFL copy to them. We would request that they email or fax the ID copy to us. When buying from a private individual who wants to ship directly to us without using FFL services on their side, we recommend that you obtain a copy of their photo ID as well and send the payment to the address on provided ID. FFL to FFL transactions are prefered!

Illinois Mandatory Waiting Period: Waiting period is 24 hour for long guns and 72 hour for handguns. Illinois State Police clarified that the waiting period starts once you reach agreament to purchase with the seller. However, ISP also stated that "the FFL will be required to answer any questions raised by ATF inspectors as to how the waiting period was observed", and further, "ISP suggest that FFLs memorialize the agreement in some form that is verifiable and consistent with each purchaser." As we find it difficult to document the time of actual purchase in a "verifiable and consistent" way, we use Transfer Request form to facilitate the transaction. The form can be filled out shortly after purchase, and submission of this form is time stamped. The waiting period will officially start at the time of Transfer Requet form submission. Once you submit the form, we will also receive email notification of a pending transaction, and information to forward our FFL copy to the seller if requested.

Useful Links
FOID and other illinois gun law information

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